Recording Areas

Room 1

Room 1 above, is a spacious 35 sq/m room with hardwood floor. This room is outstanding for acoustic instruments or drums. The room has a remarkable natural warm reverb and is big enough for a small choir, string section or for a live, all in one room band recording if preferred.

Recording Room 2 is an 8 sq/m hardwood floored room. The left and right walls are completely deadened. The room is especially good for tight sounding vocals and lead instruments.

Recording Room 3
Recording Room 3

Recording room 3 is a large 20 sq/m room with hardwood floor. Screens are used to vary the acoustics. When completely open, this is a great room for bright recordings such as acoustic guitar, mandolin etc. It’s also big enough to do group vocals or string quartets.

Recording Room 4 is designed to be a live space. Work is underway to transform this room into a controlled warm punchy sounding room which will be ideal for drums, percussion, brass, string sections. The ceiling was recently completed. The design acts as a diffuser giving a very natural reverb with absorption between wood lengths which adds the element of control. The ceiling has small gaps between wood lengths so that it is more reverberant for the 2 installed room mics in that area. The walls below will have small gaps on some walls and larger gaps on opposing walls to tighten up the space below for close mic’ing. We will use our moveable acoustic screens as seen in some of the photos when we want to adapt the sound in this room. We hope to have the room completed by the end of July 2021.