Recording Areas

Room 1

Room 1 above, is a spacious 35 sq/m room with hardwood floor. This room is outstanding for acoustic instruments or drums. The room has a remarkable natural warm reverb and is big enough for a small choir, string section or for a live, all in one room band recording if preferred.

Recording Room 2 is an 8 sq/m hardwood floored room. The left and right walls are completely deadened. The room is especially good for tight sounding vocals and lead instruments.

Recording Room 3
Recording Room 3

Recording room 3 is a large 20 sq/m room with hardwood floor. Screens are used to vary the acoustics. When completely open, this is a great room for bright recordings such as acoustic guitar, mandolin etc. It’s also big enough to do group vocals or string quartets.

Recording Room 4 is an external building with a high apex ceiling. The room is designed for drum recording and has a hard wood floor as with the rest of the facility. Currently all concrete walls, eventually this room will be a mix of random wood and material walls . At the moment, screens are used here to vary the acoustics.