At Solitaire we have been recording all types of audio for over 31 years.

Everything at the studio has been specifically chosen or designed to give the highest quality recordings.

Starting with each recording room, these have been designed to have a specific balanced acoustic characteristic, complementary to the tonal quality which we are trying to achieve with each instrument. We have 2 main areas, each with different acoustic signatures to cover all types of recording environments. We also use 6 large acoustic panels which can be moved into position to tighten the given rooms acoustic nature if required. There are also other areas which can be used if extra separation is required.

Our recording chain starts with our industry proven microphones. The signal from each microphone goes directly into our valve or solid state preamps which is then fed to our outboard dynamics processors if required and then directly into our high quality AD/DA converters which converts analogue to digital signal feeding our recording software. This ensures a clean, pristine signal all the way from mic to recording without any unwanted noise or colouration.

All of our microphones are selected from professional manufacturers with years of design and manufacturing experience which has been proven time and again in the professional recording industry over the last 60 years. Brands such as Neumann, Earthworks, Sennheiser, AKG, AudioTechnica, Shure, Beyer Dynamic, all with a proven pedigree. We are constantly adding to our microphone collection and are also happy to try and source specific mics if requested for your recording project.

To give the performers the most comfortable listening experience while recording, we use a Midas M32 console to feed our recording room foldback. Up to 32 separate audio channels can be fed back from the Mac Pro into the console via Dante. This enables us to mix 6 individual stereo headphone mixes or 12 individual mono headphone mixes back to our artists. Artists can also download the control app and have full control over their own individual headphone mix.

If more than 16 inputs are needed simultaneously, the Midas used with the DL251 pro stage box can increase our channel input count to 48. The m32 is capable of 32 inputs which can feed to the mac via Dante.