Mixing is the process where you take all the individual recorded audio tracks, process them as desired with EQ (frequency equalisation), compression, gating, reverb and other effects and place them together in a mix with panning and volume in relation to each other.

We start by cleaning up our recorded tracks by removing any mistakes or noises on each individual track (speech, coughs, breaths etc.).

We then compile takes into a single track. For instance a singer may record the main vocal multiple times and then want to choose the best part from each take. To do this we make what is called a comp track. This means we only have to deal with one final main take when mixing. This process can be done with anything.

We mostly mix in the box which means most of the processing as mentioned above is done using WAVES, Plugin Alliance, DUY or MOTU plugins. However at Solitaire we prefer to use outboard units for certain effects because, in our opinion plugins just don’t do what these units are designed specifically to do. At Solitaire we use Lexicon, Eventide, TC Electronics and Dolby for reverbs, delays and other effects. If required tracks are sent out of the DAW and run thru other external analogue equipment such as valve or solid state eq or compression and recorded back into the DAW.