Live Audio Recording Ireland

Solitaire recording studio also has the ability to undertake very high quality location recording projects.

Using or midas M32 Live in conjunction with our Midas DL251 Pro series stage box we can record up to 32 separate tracks of audio via the on board SD recorder or direct to external MacBook Pro running Digital Performer or Protools. Our DL251 stage box comes complete with an analogue split so that we can tie into your production seamlessly.

This channel number can be doubled to 64 inputs by using 2 sets of the above equipment with Dante cards from both consoles feeding into the recording MacBook Pro.

Our large list of high end studio mics are available to all our location projects.

All recordings can then be returned to the studio for mixing and mastering.

Live mixing direct to live stream or stereo record is also an option. With the arrival of Covid, we have undertaken many live stream records and live mixes as well as multitrack recording for video production with studio mixing, mastering and later broadcast.