Studio Equipment

When recording, your equipment becomes an interconnected chain. One weak link in that chain will cause the sound quality to degrade. At Solitaire, everything, from the microphones, Converters, outboard gear, and even down to the cables that connect the equipment, were designed to give the cleanest, warmest sounding recordings, possible. All the equipment and cabling is routinely maintained and checked to insure everything is in first class working condition.

TL Audio Ivory series 5001 quad valve mic preamps

At Solitaire we have 2 units of these giving 8 channels. These pre amps are extremely quiet, and the level to the valve can be adjusted giving control over the amount of warmth that you get.

TL Audio Ivory series 5001 quad valve mic preamps
TL Audio Ivory series 5001 quad valve mic preamps
TL Audio CL2 Compressor

The Classic Series TL Audio CL2 Compressor and EQ2

The Classic Series TL Audio CL2 Compressor and EQ2 are both 2 channel units. Both are equipped with valve preamps on each channel, giving an extra 4 for use, even if you don’t want to use the compressors or eq itself.

The EQ2 sounds outstanding and is very flexible and especially good for mastering. The C1 Compressor s equally good on all applications.

At Solitaire we have 1 of each unit.

DBX Compressor

DBX are renowned for their compressors, and this one is no different. It is a very transparent yet powerful compressor/limiter.

DBX Compressor

Lexicon MPX-1

Lexicon MPX-1 Reverb

Lexicon make some of the best reverbs in the professional recording market, and the MPX-1 is one such unit. It has a dedicated chip for reverbs and a second for other effects. Running up to 5 stereo effects in each patch, this unit is very versatile and sounds great.

TC Electronics M-2000 Multi Effects Unit

TC Electronics is also a very respected name in the professional recording industry. The M-2000 multi effects unit is a dual engine unit that is extremely powerful. The presets are very good, and they are easily adjustable to suit your specific needs.

TC Electronics M-2000

Eventide H-3000DSX

Eventide H-3000DSX Multi Effects Unit

The Eventide H-3000DSX is to multi effects what Lexicon is to reverbs. Amazing delays,pitch shifts and an extremely versatile machine for all the weird and wonderful effects you can think up.

Antares Autotuner

The Antares autotuner is a remarkable machine. It can take slight imperfections in tuning on single notes and correct them, giving a perfectly pitched performance.

Antares autotuner

At Solitaire recording is done on Several formats.

Lynx Aurora AD/DA converters, some of the best available today, handle the conversions running up to 24 Bit 192khz sampling. Recording goes straight from our mics through high quality valve preamps straight into the Lynx converters and then into a very very powerful Mac Pro 2.8GB, 8 core processor (4 dual core) with 10GB of Ram and over 2.3TB of storage. The Mac runs Digital Performer V.8. This way of working insures the highest quality recordings with no external degradation of audio quality.

We also have a selection of Waves and DUY plugins available for Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

CLA Signature Collection, CLA Mixdown, De-esser, JJP Vocals, Musicians 1, Renaissance Bass, Renaissance Channel, True verb, Waves Tune.

DUY Everpack.


Microphones are the first and most important link in the chain. At Solitaire we only use the best mics from the best brand names. Neumann, Earthworks, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure etc.