Today I am mastering some music for streaming services (Spotify/Youtube/Etc.) and CD so that I have both files ready when needed. Did you know Streaming and CD mastering have different rules regarding levels, dynamic range etc? Its a bit of a minefield but there are some good guidelines available.

Acoustic Treatments

New Acoustic treatments

The control room space has had an extensive upgrade with acoustic treatments over the last few weeks. The walls and ceilings have had acoustic panels installed cutting down any unwanted reflections and making the room extremely accurate to listen in.

Spotify Playlist

Below is a link to a Spotify playlist containing a lot of the projects I have recorded over my 31 year career to date. Some were recorded at Solitaire in Dublin between 1999 and 2004, others were recorded at the current facility in Cavan from 2004 onwards. Anything pre 1999 was recorded in various studios … Read more

Gavin James Mix

Today I got an early call from Nine Yards productions who needed a very fast turnaround on a mix of the legendary Gavin James, who performed 3 acoustic songs (vocal and guitar) for a streaming video which was broadcast this evening. I downloaded the stems and had it mixed and uploaded back to them within … Read more