Solitaire Studio Soundcloud

I have just set up a new Soundcloud account for Solitaire Studio. This account is a place to send new clients who would like to hear examples of the music I have recorded, mixed and or mastered previously.

Microphone additions

We have just added 2 beautiful Neumann microphones to the studio collection that are very special to me. This is a Neumann U87ai which originally was bought (approx 1985) by the studio that I trained in between 1989 and 1996. I used this exact mic to record hundreds of vocals and other instruments over 7 … Read more

Drum Recording with Kieran Leonard (Drums/Percussion – Celtic Woman)

Today we did some drum tack recordings with the wonderful Kieran Leonard from Celtic Woman. Both Kieran and myself have wanted to do a drum mic shootout for some time so we finally got around to it. Using a selection of our favourite pics we recorded multiple Kick, snare, Hats and Toms. All mics were … Read more