Live room update

At this point in time, the live room ceiling has been finished.

All insulation, material and wood has been installed and the wood has been sanded.

The new centre supports have been installed and painted along with the remaining two cross beams. All other cross beams have been removed after carefully securing the sides to the wall beneath to stop the roof from spreading.

We have installed two mic lines which run from the ceiling centre back to where the main stage box is, linking to the control room. Two mic ceiling brackets have been installed which can be used to hold two separate mics in a spaced pair or with the use of a stereo bar on a single mic bracket, can be used to achieve an X/Y stereo pair. Obviously one can be used as a single mono room mic if desired.

Work has paused during June as Alan has a busy month with projects, but hopes to continue with the build in July and have it completed by early August.

Watch this space 😁