New Live Room

The new live room conversion started last week. Already in use as a drum room with its dark sounding concrete walls, the new version will be a warmer sounding soft wood enclosed space suitable for all types of recording.

It is already wired to the main studio with 24 audio tie lines and has its Birch hardwood flooring installed. All the electric sockets have been moved to a lower position on the walls.

The room is external to the main building so noise transference is not an issue.

It is now framed and ready to receive the sound insulation and material cover before being finished in wood.

The idea is to keep it generally live but warm sounding. Acoustics can be tightened up if required using our moveable acoustic panels.

This room should be finished at the start of June.

Lots of work still to happen including sound insulation and absorption, material to cover insulation, wooden strips to cover wall, ceiling cross beams to be removed leaving a high ceiling, new lighting fixtures.