New Live Room

The new live room conversion started last week. Already in use as a drum room with its dark sounding concrete walls, the new version will be a warmer sounding soft wood enclosed space suitable for all types of recording. It is already wired to the main studio with 24 audio tie lines and has its … Read more

Covid 19 Compliance

One year on, we are still living with the global Covid19 pandemic. Safety is paramount at Solitaire. The studio is open as normal for remote mixing and mastering. Clients from all over the world can send files to be mixed or mastered without visiting the studio. This is something that could not have happened a … Read more

Solitaire Studio Soundcloud

I have just set up a new Soundcloud account for Solitaire Studio. This account is a place to send new clients who would like to hear examples of the music I have recorded, mixed and or mastered previously.

Drum Recording with Kieran Leonard (Drums/Percussion – Celtic Woman)

Today we did some drum tack recordings with the wonderful Kieran Leonard from Celtic Woman. Both Kieran and myself have wanted to do a drum mic shootout for some time so we finally got around to it. Using a selection of our favourite pics we recorded multiple Kick, snare, Hats and Toms. All mics were … Read more